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Monday - Thursday: 7am- 3:45pm
Friday: 7am- 1pm
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- Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections;

- Vehicle Diagnostics;

- Automatic transmission servicing;

- Gearbox and diff repairs;

- All routine and log book servicing;

- Steering and suspension repairs and upgrades;

- Clutch Overhauls;

- Brake Overhauls;

- Brake Machining: disc and drum;

- Engine Diagnostics and Code Scanning;

- Engine Tune-ups;

- E-safety and Registration checks;

- Cooling System Power Flush and Pressure Test;

- Computer Wheel Alignment;

- Engine Overhauls;

- Inboard Ski Boat Repairs and Services;

- Batteries;

- Wheel Balancing;

- Interject Diesel Air Induction Carbon Clean;

- Timing Belts;

- Injector Services.


All parts used by NC Automotive covered by manufacturers warranty Original Manufacturer Equipment (OME) standard or higher.

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